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First worldmap of ski areas from all parts of the planet

From the day after tomorrow, Sunday it’s gonna be dark earlier in Germany. Wintertime. Turn back the clock for one hour. And maybe it’s time for you thinking about where to go this winter. If you don’t choose enjoying beaches with summer feelings anywhere – what about a good time in the snow. Skiing and snowboarding from Africa through Japan, Colorado in the USA, maybe Chile or Europe? For our international friends – come skiing in Europe. It’s really worth it. Choose Switzerland – where it’s best to go comes in the following up. But first of all: track your travels or plan your next adventure. Hundreds of slopes – find information about snow and crowd conditions, the highest peaks and much more. The first worldmap – to tell you where to find the best powder. Hundreds of ski areas from all parts of the planet. Just great and well done!


And if it won’t be Aspen or Vail for you, don’t forget the stunning, cosy and amazing Zermatt in Switzerland, Europe.


Beside of Gstaad we highly recommend and appreciate the small Valais village after being there for over 25 years  – where superlatives come as standard. 365 kilometres of runs surrounded by 38 peaks exceeding 4,000m, skiing all year round and lifts up to an altitude of almost 4,000m above sea level – in Zermatt there are superlatives wherever you look! But as soon as you take a seat in the beautiful Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn train and the majestic Matterhorn springs into view, you quickly realise that it’s not just facts and figures that make Zermatt so special. First and foremost, its unique location at the end of the Matter Valley in the south of the Canton of Valais needs to be seen to be believed. The natural beauty is so remarkable here that even the size of the ski area (which extends all the way into Italy’s Aosta Valley) becomes very much secondary. The first impressions of Zermatt are certainly overwhelming and it’s hard to imagine ever getting bored of this huge ski area.

Visit Chez Vrony, Cinema Backstage, Riffelalp Resort and the Tradition of Julen Family and enjoy your gorgeous ski rides – and wear a helmet!

Yours #worldpearlsareforever

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